Rescue Cat, That Resembles Baby Yoda, Looking For A Home, She Is

Update posted by Humane Society of Rowan County on Facebook: It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Joy is no longer in our care. Joy was released without our knowledge or consent to a person claiming ownership.

It is likely that hsrc will still be responsible for Joy’s vet bills.

We wish we could provide more details but are unable to at this time. We pray that Joy, still with unhealed wounds and not fully recovered, will be given proper medical care and make a full recovery.

We hope to update you all in the future in regard to Joy.

We’re sure most of you are familiar with our sweet little Joy. Many on social media have dubbed her Yoda Cat because some see a striking resemblance to Yoda from Star Wars. Joy is one of the many injured strays that our organization helps. She was found by a kind lady in Kannapolis who contacted our organization for help. A member of hsrc picked up sweet Joy and brought her to one of our Vets for treatment. Joy had a wound around her neck and an upper respiratory infection. She is currently receiving treatment for both. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Joy will not be available for adoption for some time. If you wish to donate toward her medical bills, we welcome any assistance. Any amount above what is needed for Joy’s medical needs will go to help other injured strays like her.

Thank You!

Original Story:

Baby Yoda has been the latest meme craze, and we can see why – the alien “Star Wars” character is absolutely adorable!

And now there is a rescue cat who has an uncanny resemblance to the character.

Joy has the same enormous ears, big, round eyes, and little button nose as Baby Yoda, and we can only imagine how cute she must be to cuddle. The cat was rescued back on the 15th of December when she was found by a humane society volunteer suffering from a large wound on the neck – a wound that vets believe was most likely caused either by an animal attack, abuse by an owner, or an accident.

She is believed to be between one to two years old. Vets at the Cabarrus Animal Hospital treated Joy for a number of illnesses, including a respiratory infection as well as intestinal parasites.

Joy’s adoption will be handled by the Humane Society of Rowan County in North Carolina, but in the meantime, she is being fostered by an employee with the animal hospital.

Once her wounds have healed, she will be ready to go to a forever home.
Nancy Rominger, a board member with the human society, revealed to CNN, “She is doing OK. She’s still having a few symptoms, but she’s being taken care of by the vets. It’s going to take a while for her to heal.”

Thankfully, Joy tested negative for any other diseases or illnesses, and other than what she’s got, she’s a pretty healthy little feline.

Despite her rough start, Joy is very sweet and enjoys getting lots of love and attention.

“She’s very cuddly, she’s very affectionate, and she’s very sweet. Her experiences have not made her into an attack cat. She seems to like people and loves being in laps. She’s going to make someone a very nice pet,” Rominger said.

Before Joy can go to a “forever home,” she is facing a pretty long recovery process. Joy will also be spayed and need to get her required vaccinations.

Until she’s ready for adoption, you are welcomed to fill out the application form for a chance to maybe get to adopt your very own Baby Yoda.

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