This 7-Week-Old Baby Sloth Will Melt Your Heart. Just Wait Until He Yawns!

A baby two-toed sloth, named Edward (after Edward Scissorhands because of his impressive claws), was born at the ZSL London Zoo to second-time parents Marilyn and Leander, and is the cutest thing ever! At the time of this video, he was just seven weeks old and had to be hand-reared by the zoo staff since his mother was unable to produce milk. Edward is fed bottled goat’s milk with a little bit of added vitamins every three hours. His caretaker, Kelly-Anne Kelleher, said that when he is hungry, he makes a noise that sounds in between a squeak and a sneeze.

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To help build up muscles that Edward would normally use while clinging to his mom, zoo staff customized his sloth-teddy to be able to be hung from a branch so that Edward could climb on and strengthen his arms. There’s no way you can watch this video without melting. It is totally awe-worth. Just look at that face!!

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