This Baby Receives A Slobbery Bath And Loves Every Second Of It!

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Most people enjoy relaxing in the bath tub, with the warm water and bubbles soothing us, a glass of wine, and a good book in hand. But this baby has a different idea of a bath. Who needs a bath when you have a dog like this? This baby prefers to get a bath from his cute little pup! But it isn’t your typical bath…

The baby is just sitting there with his back toward the dog, who is licking all over his back. The baby just sits there, letting him lick away, and even looks like he’s enjoying it. When the dog stops licking, the baby gets up and moves closer to the pup so he’ll start licking again. He sits so close that he’s practically sitting on the dog! He likes it so much that he even leans back into the dog while it’s licking him. The dog gives a look like, “okay, when is it my turn?” This is the cutest thing ever!

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