This Baby Raccoon Almost Died After Losing His Mom. But Now His Life Is Filled With Love And Fun!

Jonathon the raccoon may be a viral social media star and spoiled rotten pet, but his story begins in heartache. The raccoon was abandoned by his mother at birth. Starving, sick and alone, his future looked bleak. Fortunately, he was discovered by animal rescuers who helped nurse him back to health.

While Jonathon awaits a spot at an animal sanctuary, the raccoon is living with a foster family and loving every minute of it. His temporary owner makes sure that Jonathon has anything he could every want or need. This means plenty of toys, treats and attention.

This unique raccoon has developed such a friendly personality that his foster home created an Instagram page so fans could keep up with the adorable animal. From frolicking in a kiddy pool to enjoying fresh strawberries, Jonathon the raccoon is stealing hearts one Instagram snapshot at a time.

It certainly looks like Jonathon is one happy raccoon and he deserves every minute of it! Check out this adorable footage from The Dodo of Jonathon enjoying his new life:

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