Rescued Baby Piglet Befriends Dog And Sleeps On His Back Every Night

We often don’t give animals enough credit for being emotionally intelligent. But they are more than capable of forming strong bonds amongst one another, just like humans. One might even make the argument that animals are more caring and compassionate towards each other than some humans. And of all the animals, dogs seem to be some of the friendliest around. Dogs love to make friends with anyone and everyone.

And we love to see the unique little friendships that blossom between animals of different species. It’s such a wholesome and wonderful reminder that we, too, can be capable of acceptance and compassion – something that we so desperately need more of during these strange times.

And one example of a beautiful friendship is that of a 5-month-old piglet named Regan, and a 16-year-old dog named Ellie. Despite the big difference in their ages, these two are the best of friends.

Regan lives at the Charlotte’s Freedom Farm in Comber, Ontario, up in Canada. She was rescued when she was only 5 weeks old and was brought to live at the farm. Since she was new and knew no one, the one to welcome the little piglet was Ellie. And little Regan immediately took to the older dog. She climbed up onto Ellie’s back and snuggled into her warm fur. And thus began the nightly ritual.

Now the little piglet spends every night cuddled up on her best friend’s back. While the little piglet spends a lot of time with Ellie, Regan does have other hobbies like running around a cat’s exercise wheel. She also likes to take it handy and just lounge around the house.

Check out some of their social media clips below:

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