This Baby Offers His Boxer A Cookie, But He Wasn’t Expecting Him To Actually Take It!

This adorable little baby is sitting in his high chair munching on a cookie while his cute Boxer pups sit and watch. After munching on his cookie for a little bit, he looks at the dogs and thinks they may want a taste too. He decides to share his cookie with one of the dogs and holds it out to her. Naturally, the dog, named Josie, grabs the whole cookie from his hand and eats it.

When Josie takes the whole thing, the baby looks at his mom with his mouth and eyes wide open, completely mind-blown. I don’t think he was expecting the dog to take the ENTIRE cookie, he just wanted to share PART of it! The baby looks at the dogs and then stares at his open, empty, cookie-less hand. What he just did is finally starting to set in, and he begins to cry. Poor baby just wanted to share his cookie but that darn dog didn’t want to share, rather have the whole thing!

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