You Cannot Miss This Amazing Time-Lapse!

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Babies are always something to get excited about. And time-lapse videos are great creative way to show the process of everything that leads up to bringing that little baby home. What could make this video better? How about the inclusion of the family’s two pups, Dunder and Munster? Add these two cuties into the mix and you have a video that will make you smile. And the best part is that Dunder and Munster seem to be just as excited for Baby Moon’s arrival as mom and dad.

Throughout the pregnancy they are with their human every step of the way. And when it’s time for Baby Moon to make an appearance, Dunder and Munster wait patiently for the new addition to their family.

Baby Moon is so lucky. He is being born with two best friends waiting for him. I can already imagine the mischief these three will get into when Baby Moon gets older. I’m sure the three will be inseparable.

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