She Was Found Alone On A Roadside, Hours After Birth. Now, She Wears Tiny Sweaters To Keep Warm!

A couple was driving on a road in Victoria, Australia, when they came across a little lamb on the side of the road. She was all alone with no other lambs, sheep, or even a farmhouse nearby.

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Much to their surprise, when they approached the baby lamb, they noticed that she was covered in amniotic fluid with her umbilical cord still attached. It’s unknown how this hours old lamb was abandoned on the side of the road, but the couple knew that if they didn’t act fast, the lamb wouldn’t survive.


They rushed the lamb, who they named Elma, to a veterinarian who began immediately to nurse her with formula. Sadly, Elma had gotten a horrific case of scours, a life-threatening condition for immune compromised lambs where infection causes diarrhea.


When lambs are born, it is crucial that they receive their mother’s colostrum in the first 24 hours of their life. Colostrum is necessary in building up a lamb’s immune system. Unfortunately, Elma wasn’t able to get this from her mother, which raised many concerns.


Even though the odds were stacked against her, they knew they couldn’t let her die. The couple contacted Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary for assistance. Founder Pam Ahern agreed and took Elma under their wing to do everything they could to save her life.

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They gave her antibiotic injections to try and boost her immune system. Elma let out heartbreaking cries, but they knew they had no other choice. Thankfully, the injections worked! Over the course of the next several days, Elma’s lively spirit kicked in and she was overall much happier!


Today, Elma is a joyful little lamb who loves people. She is very quiet but loves to play with humans and the other lambs and animals at the sanctuary. Although she is much healthier now, Ahern still watches her closely. She even sleeps next to her bed so she can always keep an eye on her.


The best part? The adorable little sweaters and jackets that Ahern dresses Elma in to help her retain body heat. She is one cute and lucky little lamb! “Every day we are blessed with this little treasure in our lives, and whilst she truly enriches ours, we trust we do hers,” Ahern told The Dodo. “Her tenacity to beat the odds is something we are so thankful for.”


You can read more about her story and see more pictures here.

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