15 Seconds Of Utter Delight! This Rescued Orphan Baby Kangaroo LOVES lying in his makeshift pouch!

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The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Central Australia, is home of Brolga, star of the documentary series “Kangaroo Dundee.” It is also home to many adorable baby kangaroos! Brolga first established the baby kangaroo rescue center in 2005 and went on to build his own wildlife sanctuary in 2009.

The rescued orphan baby kangaroos there, LOVE pillowcase pouches. According to wildlife rescuer Chris Barnes, a cozy pillowcase is the next best thing to a kangaroo’s pouch and an essential tool for helping little joeys fall asleep. One baby kangaroo, Patrick, can be seen in the video below, hopping into his pillowcase head first while Barnes holds it out. Barnes then picks it up and pulls the pillowcase down off his head. Then just cradles him in his arms like a baby. He’s just too cute for words, look at that face!

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