This Baby Gorilla Tries Pounding His Chest. At :43 I Couldn’t Even Contain Myself!

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Gorillas have many ways in which they communicate, with pounding their chests being one of them. Adult males don’t ever back down when being challenged by younger gorillas. They make screaming sounds and also beat their chest with their hands rapidly. This serves as a warning to the younger gorillas to back off.

Well, this baby gorilla doesn’t care how young he is. He wants to grow up quickly and is already trying to get the hang of pounding on his chest. He’s in the forest with his family, just hanging out, and decided to try it out. He goes to pound his chest but isn’t so successful. But practice makes perfect, so he tries again! It’s a little better, but still not exactly a pound, more like a light slap, LOL. Third times a charm right? Well, not always. He stands up and slaps his chest as hard as he can. So hard that it causes him to fall right over into the leaves. What an adorable little guy!!

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