Senior Shelter Dog Finally Finds Forever Home After Spending Over 6 Years In Texas Shelter

It is said that good things come to those who wait.

After waiting six long years in a Texas shelter, a senior dog named Baby Girl has finally found her forever home.

The Black Mouth Cur mix arrived at the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County in 2014 and has spent half of her life in the shelter. She was adopted out a few times but returned shortly after due to “frightening the visitors”.

Photo: Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

Staff believe she was abused as a young pup and that is why she is so cautious of new people.

“It seems that Baby Girl was abused when she was young because she is deathly afraid of certain men and bares her teeth. Yes she will bite if forced,” said the shelter.

But over the years, Baby Girl learned that not all humans were bad and once she warms up to someone she is a complete love bug.

The now 12-year-old still loves to play and longed for a forever home to spend her golden years.

She needed a home without cats or children and preferably the only pet. However, she could live with another dog if properly introduced. A large backyard to play fetch, a soft bed to rest her head, and someone to love were her only requirements. “She is a very sweet girl with a lot of love to give,” wrote the shelter.

Photo: Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

Day after day she would patiently wait for someone to come meet her. And her patience paid off. On March 4, over 2,300 days after she arrived, she finally met her people.

Mr. and Mrs. Deaton made a special trip to meet Baby Girl and instantly fell in love with her, so they adopted her.

The staff shared the exciting news on Facebook. “You all have followed her stay at the shelter, have helped share her pictures, and have held her close to your hearts over the years. We couldn’t wait till Monday to share the news with you all!

“The staff and board of directors at the Humane Society of Angelina County are so excited to announce that after 2,326 days at the shelter, our longest resident (since 2014) Baby Girl, has been adopted,” the post read. “Join us in celebrating this wonderful new journey for sweet Baby Girl! This is what our mission is about! What a wonderful day!”

Photo: Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

People were thrilled Baby Girl had finally found her forever home. One person commented, “This brings me so much joy!!! She was always such a good sweet pup once you earned her trust. I’m so glad she found her forever home.”

Mrs. Deaton responded to the well-wishers by saying, “I definitely didn’t expect any of the attention that she is getting but it makes me aware of how much she is loved. Just know we will love her dearly and of course be spoiled. As I write this Baby Girl is laying on my bed watching a movie….”

Adopt don’t shop!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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