This Baby Fox Was Caught In A Net And Unable To Break Free. Watch His Amazing Rescue!

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This adorable baby fox got caught in a net in someone’s backyard in Leatherhead, England, so the homeowner called Wildlife Aid to come and help him. Wildlife Aid is a foundation that has been saving wildlife in the UK for over 30 years and is the center of the television series “Wildlife SOS” on Animal Planet.

The rescuer slowly approached the fox who was very nervous and fidgety. He allowed the fox to bite on his glove while he checked him out to see how he could get him out. After moving the netting around, he was finally able to cut the fox free. He checked his neck first before letting him go, to make sure there was no more net wrapped around him. Then he let him run off to be with his mother again. Wildlife Aid has noted that you should never release a caught animal yourself since “constriction wounds from netting and other objects can take days, sometimes weeks to fully develop.” They say it’s important to call your local wildlife center to rescue the animal so they can give it proper medical attention.

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