This Baby Elephant Was Stuck In A Waterhole…At 1:48, Something Incredible!

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It’s really fascinating sometimes to just sit back and observe wildlife in their natural habitats. Animals are smart and oftentimes have many human-like qualities. Elephants, for example, are extremely intelligent creatures. A tourist at Kruger National Park in South Africa got to witness how smart and loving elephants can be. They filmed it, so we are lucky enough to witness it too!

This baby elephant was stuck in a waterhole. The ledge was too high for him to climb up onto by himself. He kept trying and was very persistent to no avail. His herd never leaves him behind and won’t go anywhere until he is out. One of the elephants keep trying to help, but it’s more than a one-elephant job. At 1:48, you can see one elephant down on her knees, using her trunk to lift out the baby, and another elephant using his trunk to help as well. With the team effort, they were successfully able to get him out. Too cute!

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