This Baby Elephant Was Stuck In a Hole. Watch What They Do to Rescue Him!

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In India, A two-year-old elephant calf was trapped inside of a well, stuck in muddy water with no way out. They believe the elephant fell into the well after roaming around with his mother and the rest of his herd. Villagers were alerted by the sound of elephants in distress and came to see this baby stuck. The villagers, along with forestry officials, wasted no time in helping this little guy to safety.

Of course elephants can’t just be picked up, so they had to come up with a tactic to get him out. They began digging a makeshift slope in the ground using shovels and a bulldozer. Then, they used ropes to help the elephant climb up the slope. After much time and a lot of teamwork, this baby elephant was finally safe! Hopefully he caught up to his herd!

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