She Was Rescued From A Well And Brought To A Sanctuary. When She Meets The Other Elephants? Wow!

The Kenya Wildlife Service reported to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that they had seen an orphaned baby elephant who was in need of rescuing from Namunyak Conservancy. The calf fell down a well and was brought out, but was injured, so the DSWT came to help. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Kenyan based non-profit organization to the protection and conservation of wildlife and habitats. They are the most successful elephant orphanage in the world, rescuing and hand-rearing orphaned elephants, and rhinos, who have lost their mothers.

A team of elephant keepers DWST flew in by plane to retrieve the calf. Her back was rubbed raw and they believe that she had been stuck in the well for over 12-14 hours. They loaded her on the plane and brought her back to their sanctuary. When she got there, she met some of the other elephants and got along with them great! She fit right in in no time. They named her Naseku. Now Naseku will live out the rest of her life, being well taken care of and spending her days with other elephants.

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