They Peered Down Into A Dark Well. What They Ended Up Seeing Had Them HORRIFIED!

A young bull elephant calf fell into a water well in Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. Rangers from the Northern Rangelands Trust rescued the baby and hoped to reunite him with his family. But the family was nowhere to be found. They did not give up though. They stayed with the calf the entire day to make sure he stayed safe.

He had little wounds from the fall, but overall, was in good health. They gave him water and kept him under the shade while they waited. Night was upon them and there was still no sign of the baby elephant’s herd. But just when they were about to call it quits, the baby heard his family and perked his head up. One of the rangers ran out into the field so that the baby would follow him and be closer to his herd. Eventually he ran into the trees where his family was. Their reunion was super sweet! You can tell that they were relieved to have their baby back, and vice versa. Thank goodness for these rangers, rescuing the baby and keeping him safe until he found his family!

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