Stop What You’re Doing! This Baby Donkey Swinging In A Hammock Is Too Cute To Miss!

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We all have those days where we just want to lounge around and be lazy. And there’s nothing that this baby donkey wants more than just that. I can honestly say that this is the cutest thing I’ve witnessed all week, if not month! Leo the donkey, who lives in Goiania, Brazil, was caught on camera kicking back and taking a relaxing swing in his hammock.

Although we don’t know the backstory about this little guy, it’s still heart-warming to watch him be lazy! The hammock swings back and forth while he just lies there, not moving a muscle (except for his little tail that he’s wagging), and a cute little smile on his face. After his swing, he gets some much-needed belly rubs from his humans. You can tell Leo is a very happy donkey who receives all the love in the world!

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