This Baby Bird Was Drowning In A Lake. Watch What This Heroic Dog Did To Save Him!

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Dogs can truly be heroic animals. We always hear them among all the headlines: “dog saves man from burning building,” “dog goes to get help when his owner is in danger,” etc. They are very smart and extremely loyal. So it’s no surprise what this adorable pup did to save the day at the lake.

A little baby bird appeared to be distressed when he was struggling to stay afloat. This kind pup took it upon himself to rescue the bird! He gently picks the drowning bird up in his mouth and swims him all the way back to land. When he gets back, he carefully drops the bird for his owner to pick up. If it weren’t for this dog, this cute baby bird would have drowned! While some dogs would harm the bird, this one was just helping out a fellow animal friend. Way to go pup!

Source: Hero dog saves baby bird in lake by rumblestaff on Rumble

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