Found All Alone On A Golf Course, This Little Beaver’s Favorite Time Of The Day Is Now Bath Time!

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This adorable baby beaver somehow got separated from his parents and injured his tail. He was found all alone on a golf course in Canada and was brought to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation for help. He is doing well and continues to put on more weight every day. Rescuers are making sure he doesn’t become too habituated to humans so that when he’s ready, he’ll be able to be released back into the wild.

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

But that won’t be for a while longer, since beavers don’t leave their parents until they’re usually around two of three years old. This is the age where they finally learn how to build lodges and dams on their own. For now, this little guy is in great care and enjoys giving himself baths. You can watch him clean himself in the video below. Warning: It’s too cute to handle!!

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