A Baby Bear And A Wolf Cub Met 16 Years Ago…Today, They Are Still Inseparable!

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Lil’ Bear, a Grizzly bear, and Tala, a Wolf, have been best friends for the past 16 years. They both met when they were five months old at Pennsylvania’s Woodland Zoo in 2006. Tala was born at the zoo, which closed in 2009 due to financial issues, while Lil’ Bear was born elsewhere. Lil’ Bear was supposed to be taken by an animal trainer, but it didn’t work out, so she went to live at Woodland Zoo.

Lil' Bear and Tala today

Lil’ Bear and Tala today

That is when she met Tala, and the two bonded quickly. When it came time to leave the zoo, they knew they couldn’t separate them, so they were adopted together by an animal trainer. In the video below, you can see the two of them playing around together when they were just little cubs. It’s amazing that even after all these years the two remain close friends!

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