These Baby Bats Were Rescued After Losing Their Mom. Now, They Will Learn To Live A New Life

These adorable baby flying fox bats may look like your normal bat, but they have an amazing story. Immediately after birth, they lost their mother and without anyone to care from them, they faced an inevitable death. Fortunately, an animal rescue group found them and took them under their wings. For now, the tiny babies are receiving plenty of TLC and it looks like they are loving every minute of it. Once they grow a bit bigger and are able to fly, they will be released back into the wild to live a long healthy life in nature. Check out the video below of these sweet animals!

Based in Australia, Batzilla The Bat is an animal rescue group that is focused on saving orphaned baby bats. They are constantly sharing amazing rescue stories and tips on how you can help these misunderstood animals on their Facebook page. Their work is inspiring people everywhere to do their part to help the bat population.

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