These Little Baby Rescue Bats Wrapped In Blanket Cocoons Are The Most ADORABLE Thing You’ll Ever See!!

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The Australian Bat Clinic (ABC) in Australia is a nonprofit organization that gives medical care to all species of sick, injured and orphaned bats. Many bats have lost their lives due to the severe heat, including the mother of these orphaned baby bats. Without their mother, they wouldn’t survive, so ABC came to the rescue! They took in these adorable little guys and gave them the proper care to get them healthy and help them grow before releasing them back into the wild.

They are given little rubber teats to suck on which represent their mother’s nipple. They are also wrapped in blankets to give them a sense of security. In the wild, they’d normally be clinging onto their mother’s side and nestled under her wing, so it’s best to mimic this. They love to be swaddled, snuggled and wrapped up, which is very clear in this adorable video. If you never thought bats were cute, I’m sure this video will help you change your mind!

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