This Adorable Baby Armadillo Getting Tickled Is Cuteness Overload!!

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I’ve never really seen a baby armadillo, let alone one being tickled. That is, until now. And I’m glad that I finally did because it’s the cutest sight EVER! There’s only so much tickling we all can take. As tough as we try to act when someone is tickling, there is always a limit that a person reaches before we totally freak out. This armadillo, named Ruffles, is pretty good at handling tickles. His human tickles him, and his reaction is priceless!

She starts to tickle his shell and he has a mini freak-out. He wriggles all around and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. Then she puts him on his back and tickles his belly and he waves all of his tiny hands and feet in the air with his even tinier fingers and toes. Despite his hard shell, this little guy is a softie!! I really wish I could pet and tickle this cutie! Cuteness overload!

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