They Grew Up Together Since Birth…A Year Later, They’re Still Inseparable!

This little girl, named Eisleigh, and her Pit bull, Clyde, were both born around the same time. They were both tiny babies together and have been inseparable since day one. Whenever Eisleigh was lying around, Clyde would come right up to her and rest his head on her.

baby and pitt

They loved cuddling together and are always taking naps together. Even though Eisleigh was just a newborn, she would still put her arm around Clyde. They love each other so much!

baby and pit 7

Their mother, Brandi, is a huge advocate for Pit bulls, and has documented her daughter and pup growing up together to show that Pit bulls aren’t the aggressive stereotype that everyone believes them to be.

baby and pitt 2

Clyde and Eisleigh go everywhere together. He even snuggles up in her car seat with her and rides on her stroller. Eisleigh is always all smiles when she is with her furry best friend.

baby and pitt 3

Today, they are both older and bigger, but nothing has changed. They are still the best of friends and do everything together. Their bond is something that is so special, and they are very lucky to have each other.

baby and pitt 4

You can keep up with Eisleigh and Clyde by following them on their Instagram account.

baby and pit 5

You can see pictures of them growing up together in the video below:

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