This Adorable Newborn Baboon Was Rejected By His Mother, But He Found Comfort Elsewhere

This baby baboon was rejected by his mother immediately after he was born at the Mysore Zoo in India.

The staff there took him in and bottle-fed him every two hours. He was getting all of the care he needed, but being without his mom, he definitely felt a little lonely. The zoo thought it’d be a good idea to find a way to bring him some comfort.

They decided to get him a stuffed animal monkey for him to cuddle with and help him feel warm and safe. It worked! The adorable little baboon absolutely loved his new stuffed toy. He grabbed on to it and hasn’t let go since!

Keepers hope to eventually reunite the baby with his mom, but for now he has his new toy to keep him company! Watch how adorable he is in the video below:

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