Aww Alert: Kitten Kindergarten!

Kitten kindergarten is an early socialization, education, and training class for kittens. Many veterinary clinics, shelters, and training groups offer kitten kindergarten classes in addition to their array of puppy offerings.

It’s important to note that it’s called “kindergarten” because cats are most trainable at a very young age (7 to 16 weeks). The earlier the better! While it is always possible to train an older cat, the success rate decreases as your cat ages, and any hope of socialization completely fades.

What exactly happens at a kitten kindergarten class? During the session, the kittens are introduced to a variety of stimuli that they’ll probably experience during their life. The theory behind this is that if they are exposed to these things at an early enough age and in a positive manner they are less likely to be stressed or bothered by them as adult cats.

One example of the kinds of things kittens learn in kindergarten is to be placed in a carrier. This is an important aspect of life for a cat, and one that can cause heartache for owners with cats who were never properly exposed to the carrier early on. Ever play one of those frustrating games of hide and seek just to get your kitty into its carrier? Ever get bitten or scratched by your cat during one of these games?

Another thing your kitten will be taught is basic commands such as “come”, “sit”, and “stay”. This is for their safety and your peace of mind. No more worrying about someone accidentally leaving a door open!

People can learn a lot from these classes too, such as how to administer medicine, how to groom your cat, and how to play (or not play) with your furry friend. Everything you will need to know to be sure your kitty has the happiest and healthiest life! A kitten kindergarten class is a wonderful bonding experience for you both.

The best way to find a class is to call your local ASPCA or humane society, however chances are your family veterinarian will know of one to suggest.

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