A Stray Dog Was Brought To The Shelter. When We Looked In His Ear, Our Jaw Hit The Floor

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Toad is a mutt with special needs. Very special needs. When rescuers first met her, she had a second ear sprouting from the top of her head.

Upon closer inspection, however, rescuers realized the five-year-old Pit Bull mix actually had one ear and two mouths, including one on the top of her head. The Oklahoma City-based rescue quickly realized they’d never encountered anybody quite like Toad before.

Some shelters might assume such a deformity should fast-track this dog for euthanasia, but Mutt Misfits was actually founded for dogs like Toad.

“She doesn’t see, hear, or smell very well because everything in her head is misaligned, but otherwise she’s totally normal,” says Mutt Misfit’s owner Heather Hernandez, who actually consider’s Toad’s birth defect just one of the many things that makes this sweetheart so special.

Toad, meanwhile, seems to know Hernandez has her back. The Pit Bull constantly insists on following Hernandez around and takes any opportunity to crawl into her lap.

Veterinarians believe congenital abnormalities, or birth defects like Toad’s, are often inherited and confined to certain families or breeds. Still more could result from chemicals inhalation or injuries sustained during the mother’s pregnancy.

Nobody is sure of how Toad’s unique look came to be, but Hernandez nevertheless remains grateful this enormous lap dog came through her doors. “[Mutt Misfits] was formed because in shelter settings there aren’t many organizations that specialize in the special needs pups,” she said.

We’re so happy Toad found her way to a place where she can get the support and love she deserves!

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