If Your Dog Doesn’t Like Getting His Toenails Clipped, Try Hanging Him From the Ceiling.

Dogs are amazing additions to our families. Just like us, they require certain grooming procedures to keep them looking and feeling their best. Aside from the daily brushing, occasional bath, daily teeth brushing, there is the dreaded toenail clipping.

Most dogs do not appreciate a pedicure, no matter who is giving it. Just the site of clippers sends them running. However, it is necessary to keep their nails at a safe length. Toenails that get too long can be painful. When clipping you have to be careful not to trim them too short.


The quick is located at the base of the toenail and contains a nerve. If you cut this, the nail will bleed and you will cause your dog pain. It can be difficult to trim nails, but add in a resistant and squirmy dog – and it can seem near impossible.

If you are looking for a stress-free way to trim your small dog’s nails – the “purse hack” may be the answer. Kendal Peifer witnessed her dad trimming their Boston Terrier’s toenails in an unusual way, but it worked. She recorded the trick and shared it on Twitter. It immediately went viral.

“That’s hilarious and genius,” one woman wrote.

Another wrote, “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

People were ecstatic for a new way to trim their dog’s toenails. The only down side is that the “purse hack” only works for small dogs. The trick involves a door jam, a hook, and a purse that has four holes cut in the bottom for the dog’s legs. Then put the dog in the purse and set on the hook. The dog is suspended in the air with his toenails at eye level.

This trick worked well for this family, but would it work for your dog?

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