This Cat Was Trapped In Cage For Its Entire Life. Watch How It Thanked Its Rescuers

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Lovebug is an aptly-named cat with a sweet, loving, and affectionate nature. Unfortunately, the poor animal’s owner had a mental illness that prevented her from demonstrating love in return. Though Lovebug would have preferred to cuddle and play, the woman coldly locked her inside a metal cage. The space was so cramped she couldn’t even extend to full length.

This arrangement may have been handy for the owner, but cats consider such confinement pure hell.

“Cats confined in cages can experience symptoms, such as decreased appetite, withdrawal from social groupings, increases in urinary cortisol, decreases in grooming, and increases in the frequency and intensity of attempts to hide,” researchers Judith L. Stella and Candace C. Croney said of Lovebug’s unusual living situation.

At last, Lovebug was finally rescued by Furry Nation Salvation, which committed not just to saving the cat from her cage, but providing all the love and cuddles she’d been missing. Soon, Lovebug moved in with Patty, a foster parent determined to show a wary feline there were still plenty of good people in this world.

“Before her rescue, Lovebug) was owned by a mentally ill woman who kept her confined to a dog crate for most, if not all of her life,” the video below explains. “Now in foster care, with Patty, (Lovebug) is safe.”

Now Lovebug, who is clearly in a much better place, spends her days showering her foster mom with affectionate. She’s clearly grateful to Patty for giving her a second chance. See what a little love and affection can do?

Find out more about Lovebug in the video below!

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