Australian Terrier

Alert and friendly, the Australian Terrier is a fine companion, no matter what your living arrangements may be. Due to their smaller size, this breed acclimates well in small apartments as well as large homes. The Australian Terrier is intelligent and confident with a bit of mischievousness rolled into the mix.

The coat of this dog breed can be a wide variety of colors, including blue, tan or red as well as a mixture of colors. The Australian Terrier stands at approximately 10 to 11 inches in height at the shoulder and has a sturdy stance, even for a small dog.

Families adore the Australian Terrier, as thisbreed is a lovable family pet. They are affectionate with their family members and will be friendly with others in the home once they get used to them. This dog loves a good run outside and enjoys walks with his owner. He is curious by nature, but obedient, especially with the right dog training.

The body of the Australian Terrier is long, and the coat is one of a textured nature. Weekly brushing is ideal to keep the coat well groomed. An occasional trip to the professional groomer is advised as well. With a shorthaired coat, grooming is not as tedious as with other dog breeds that have longer coats that need more attention.

In the past, the Australian Terrier was a rodent and snake hunter, used primarily in the Australian Outback. Today, this breed has a place in many homes as a family companion. Those who own an Australian Terrier will do best to keep their dog entertained and give them daily exercise to keep them well behaved when in the home.

Those who have an Australian Terrier enjoy this breed’s fun nature and loyal companionship.

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