Australian Cattle Dog

As a herding dog, the Australian Cattle Dog is hardworking and loyal to his owner. With strength, courage and dedication, this dog breed gets the job done whatever comes their way. Australian Cattle Dogs help their owners by moving cattle and sheep to where they need to go. From morning until night, the Australian Cattle Dog will do the job and not rest untilthe task is completed.

The Australian Cattle Dog comes in various colors and markings, including bluish or reddish in color with black, tan or blue markings. This medium-sized dog stands at a height of approximately 17 to 20 inches at their shoulder.

Not only a working dog, the Australian Cattle Dog is a loyal family member as well. However, it is very important to provide the Australian Cattle Dog with wide open space to romp around in as they are used to getting a good deal of exercise and not being restrained within small spaces. This breed is a working dog to his very core and is happy to herd whenever possible. In order to give them the most exercise possible, Australian Cattle Dogs need frequent walks and plenty of play time outdoors.

Grooming the Australian Cattle Dog is not too time consuming a task. With a shorthaired coat, occasional brushing of this breed will usually do the trick. As for bathing the Australian Cattle Dog, this also can be done on an occasional basis, preferably after a long day herding the cattle in the mud.

If you are searching for a hardworking, intelligent dog breed, the Australian Cattle Dog is one to consider. This is especially true if you farm cattle and are seeking a working dog to help out who will also be a family companion as well. You will find the Australian Cattle Dog will fill both positions just fine.

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