Volunteer ‘Puppy Raisers’ Needed To Look After Guide Dogs In Australia

Guide Dogs Australia has had their first set of puppies born for 2020!

Guide dogs are vital to those people who have disabilities and play an important role in helping them get through their day.

This organization is now searching for “puppy raisers” to help them teach these adorable tots all the basics prior to them going to their guide dog school.

However, it’s not as simple as one might think since it’s not like looking after any normal dog – you need to be strict as otherwise, the dog will be unable to help others in the future.

Once these puppies are seven weeks old, they will go to “families or individuals to ensure that our new recruits get the best possible care, in a loving home environment whilst receiving appropriate training.”

Guide Dogs Australia says they are looking for “caring, patient, and responsible” people to look after each of the puppies. And while you’ll most likely want to take in the entire lot, you’ll most likely only get one to look after.

If accepted into the program, you’ll be caring for the puppy for a whole 12 months – long enough to allow them to interact with everyone and everything in your home.

You’ll be required to attend about three Education Sessions, as well as regular Training Sessions. Meanwhile, you can work on teaching the puppy commands like sit, stay and roll over, as well as teaching them to walk on a leash, have good manners, and just overall get properly socialized.

Successful applicants are expected to prove that they’ve taught their puppy “good toileting, feeding, sleeping, and walking routines.”

A nice perk is Guide Dogs Australia provides you with all necessary gear, such as collars, a leash, grooming equipment, and a food bowl, as well as pay for all food, preventative medicine, and veterinary costs.

The organization states, “Puppy Raising is a rewarding experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Not only will you be giving a gorgeous pup a loving home, but you will also be helping to train a potential future Guide Dog, one that will change a person’s life forever.”

Every state and territory has maps that show who can and can’t be a puppy raiser based on geographic location.

Of course, the hardest part about the job will be giving the puppy back after 12 months – but it’ll definitely be rewarding knowing that they’ll be going to help people with disabilities live their lives.

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