Dog Digs Up A Gigantic Truffle Worth $1,000

When something is rare, it becomes more valuable, which is why we see such heavy prices on truffles. In fact, they are one of the most expensive ingredients in existence. That is where Poppy comes in. She is a dog who recently dug up a black truffle that is huge by truffle’s standards. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the truffle weighed 2 pounds and had an estimated worth of $1000.

Poppy is in training as a truffle-sniffing dog on Tasmanian Truffles farm, located in Australia. She found the massive fungi while scouring the farm during a training exercise. Not only is the truffle large, but it is also the largest ever unearthed on the farm during its 2 decades in operation.

The daughter of Tim Terry, Anna, talked to ABC. Tim is the founder of Tasmanian Truffles. She said: “It just kept going and I started to get more and more excited.” When a truffle is over 500 grams, it is considered to be large. This truffle isn’t a record-breaker but it is the largest one found on the farm.

Most people think about pigs digging up truffles, but dogs seem to have a knack for finding the fungi as well. A number of breeds can be trained to recognize the scent associated with truffles. The best part is they are more than willing to give up the truffle rather than eat it. The same can’t be said for pigs. Poppy shows us that dogs are able to find those hidden treasures under the surface of the ground.

Typically, a 2-pound truffle would be worth around $1000 but it will likely fetch a lot less during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fine restaurants are closed, so there is not as big of a market for the fungi this day.

Unfortunately, the Terrys may just have to enjoy the truffle in a nice meal at home.

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