This Pup Was Attacked By Stray Dogs. Several Months Later The UNTHINKABLE Happens…

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This 17-pound Terrier mix, named Russell, was severely bitten by a stray dog after he was left in an unfenced yard overnight. The owner reached out to PETA for help and they paid for his veterinary care. The owner promised them to never leave Russell out alone again. Sadly, the owner broke that promise and Russell was attacked again a few months later. This time, the wound became infected because it didn’t receive proper treatment.

PETA took the dog and rushed him to a veterinarian who cleaned the wound and took care of the infection. After a week, PETA gained custody of Russell and they helped him recover. Fortunately, a retired couple wanted to adopt Russell! They already had dogs of their own, and they were unsure how Russell would react to them. Despite his traumatic past, he was excited to meet his new doggy pals! Watch him as he is introduced to them and sees his new furever home for the first time!

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