9-Year-Old Girl Fosters Hospice Animals At Her Home, Wins ASPCA Kid Of The Year

For the majority of her life, nine-year-old Willow Phelps has devoted all of her time to helping many animals including goldfish, orcas, abandoned chimpanzees, and homeless dogs and cats. She also fosters hospice animals at her house, helping them live their final days in a loving place.

She has done many unbelievable things to help these animals and raise money for them. She swam a mile to raise money for a kitten who needed a leg amputation. She sewed cat toys and sold them at craft fairs to raise funds for local homeless teens and pets.

She also successfully ended the use of live goldfish as prizes at her school carnival with the help of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and a New Jersey law that prohibits the use of live animals as prizes without a special permit.

Because of how much she has accomplished in her nine short years for helping animals in need, Willow has been given the award for 2016 ASPCA Kid of the Year. And she deserves every bit of it!

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