Argentina Land Conservation Program Hopes To Save The Andean Cat Species By Purchasing 115,000 Acres

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Thanks to an opportunity from Wildlife Conservation Society, is working with our local partners at Fundación Vida Sylvestre (The Argentine Wildlife Foundation) to purchase 115,000 acres of crucial habitat in the Andes desert to conserve into perpetuity. The program is called Argentina Land Conservation.

The Argentine Wildlife Foundation works to stop the degradation of the environment in the country and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. They started in 1977 and are part of WWF (World Conservation Organization).

One of the rarest wildcats in the world, the Andean cat, calls the area home. Habitat loss as a result of mining, cattle grazing, hunting of both the Andean and its prey, and unregulated tourism are the main contributors to its rapidly decreasing population. There are less than 2,500 remaining in the wild.

Together with Project Peril, we are trying to preserve the beautiful species and land by purchasing 115,000 acres. This high desert region is home to unique wildlife including the Guanaco, Andean Condors, Geoffrey’s Cat—and of course the Andean cat.

Photos: GreaterGood

We have already been able to successfully secure 40,000 acres of land in this beautiful region, but we need your help to protect the remaining 75,000 acres that is available!

Every $5 donation protects 1/2 an acre. Together, we can make a difference.

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