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Although I love my 2-year-old American Pitbull Terrier, Rocko, to death, I do wish I thought things through a little more before making a 12-year commitment to a high energy pup. See a dog in your near future? Here are some things to think about before making the big decision.

Energy: Don’t get a Pitbull if you’re a couch potato.

Space: If you live in a tiny apartment, a Mastiff probably isn’t right for you.

Time: If you work 14-hour days, stay clear from Australian Shepherds. Cavaliers don’t like to be left alone, either.

Temperament: If you’ve got little ones, pass on a Dalmatian. If you love the sound of barking, try a Yorkie.

Life expectancy: This is kind of morbid, but it’s definitely something to think about. A Burnese, sadly, has a average life span of only seven years, while a Maltese can live past 15.

Check out Animal Planet’s Breed Selector! I was 97% matched to a Corgi. What’s your breed match?

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