Are there differences in dietary needs between small and large cat breeds?

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Dietary needs don’t differ depending upon the size of the breed, but some breeds may have certain genetic predispositions to some diseases than others. THAT is what can affect your cat’s dietary needs.

For instance, some breeds may be more prone to allergies, arthritis, heart, kidney and vision problems. Hairballs are a pretty common occurrence among cats, but the Ragdoll seems to develop bigger and more frequent ones, probably because of its long hair; hairballs can result in intestinal obstructions.

Discuss this with your veterinarian who will be able to tell you about the potential specific problems of your cat and advise you how to avoid them.

There are a few things you can monitor yourself such as:

• Weight:

Weighing a cat regularly is a good way to check for health problems. Fast and sudden weight gains or loss could indicate a serious disease resulting in appetite changes.

• Coat
A healthy cat will have a smooth coat that is soft to the touch. An unhealthy cat may have dry, dull coats with hair sticking up, bald spots and itchy skin.
• Ears
This is important for all cats, but especially for outdoor ones, because they can get into fights and develop infected blood blisters. Ears also could be indications of problems if they are too hot, itchy and irritated or have crumbly dark brown wax inside the ear.
• Teeth
Tartar can build up in a cat’s mouth and cause irritation, bleeding and other periodontal problems. Brush a cat’s teeth at least once a week with toothpaste specially formulated for cats (don’t use human toothpaste) to prevent tartar buildup. This is especially important if a cat is fed a canned-food diet because moist food does not clean teeth properly and tends to stick to the gums.
• Eyes
Healthy eyes are clear and moist. If the third eyelid, a thin film, is covering part of the eye, this is an indication of health problems.

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