Are there any how-to videos from veterinarians showing how step-by-step how to brush a dog’s teeth?

Yes, the Internet is peppered with videos from veterinarians on how to brush a dog’s teeth.

Some of them are from Pet MD, YouTube and VetVid. One of the best ones, however, is from Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM. In this video, she starts by explaining exactly why you should brush a dog’s teeth; that’s important, because many tend to think of canine brushing and flossing as, well, a little out of the ordinary.

Why Brush a Dog’s Teeth?
Dental health care is very important for our pets. Having a healthy mouth will not only affect the teeth and gums, but it will also affect the heart, liver, kidneys, and the general overall health of your pet. Taking care of your pet’s teeth at home is very important because it allows you to keep a check on what’s happening and will extend the regular visits by your veterinarian.

So, by taking good care of your dog’s teeth, you will be extending their life potentially with good overall health.”

Then, she shares a step-by-step on how—and how often—to brush. The video is thorough, starting with when you should develop the “brushing habit” and then she finished by summarizing all the points to make a successful in-home dental care.

Segments include:

• When to Brush a Dog’s Teeth

• Starting the Tooth Brushing Habit

• Dog Brushing Toothpaste

• How to Brush the Dog’s Teeth:

• Tips for Successful Tooth Care

Some tips for a successful brushing session would include – start slow, short sessions, and very positive. Your first sessions might only be letting your dog sniff the toothpaste, and work up from there. Keep it short and keep it positive and your dog will start to look forward to a daily brushing routine.

Watch this video for more tips on cleaning your dog’s teeth

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