Are nail grinders safe to use on cats?

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Nail grinders can be used to maintain a cat’s claws, which continue to grow throughout the animal’s life. However, it is essential to use a grinder specifically designed for use with pets, and to accustom your cat to this tool early in life.

Pet-specific grinders are engineered to produce the least amount of noise and the lowest level of vibration, which reduces the cat’s anxiety. It is also important to understand the structure of a cat’s claw to avoid injuring the animal and potentially causing the nail’s “quick” to bleed.

The center of each claw is filled with a quick that provides blood to the structure. There is also a nerve in that portion of the claw, so cuts or abrasions there are painful. Most cats have clear to whitish claws, so it’s possible to see the quick, which is the middle pink portion of the claw.

When a cat is accustomed to the grinding process, the owner can usually treat the process like simple nail filing and opportunistically smooth off the sharp point at the end of the claw. This will decrease the chances of the cat scratching the furniture, its humans, or any other animals in the house.

Even with the greatest care, there will be times when you will accidentally nick the quick in the animal’s claw regardless of the tool being used. it’s a good idea to keep stypic powder on hand, which you can obtain at a pet supply or drug store.

Touching the stick to the appendage will usually stop the bleeding, since this is not an area easily bandaged. In a pinch, a paste of cornstarch or flour will also work. If the bleeding does not stop, it may be necessary to take the cat to the veterinarian.

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