Are dogs xenophobic?

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Xenophobia is the fear of new or strange things. For dogs, this could mean new people, new environments, new objects or new animals that they have not yet encountered. Xenophobia goes beyond just being shy or cautious. Many dogs are initially hesitant when approaching new people or objects, but not many have an extreme fear, or phobia, of these new or strange things.

That being said, dogs can be xenophobic. Dogs who weren’t probably socialized as puppies or have experienced a traumatic event could easily become very afraid of certain things. Other dogs are just genetically more timid and fearful than most. Whatever the reason, xenophobic dogs can be tough to deal with and rehabilitate. Dealing with a xenophobic dog takes a lot of patience and love.

A xenophobic dog may also be seen as a panic-stricken dog or an unfriendly dog simply because this type of dog will tend to flee fearful situations. Xenophobic dogs will also often cower and avoid many things that may not seem scary to any other human or animal nearby. These types of dogs are often misinterpreted as being abused, when that is often not the case.

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