Are certain dogs prone to dehydration?

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All dogs can quickly lose fluid, but dogs with certain conditions such as cancer, kidney problems or diabetes should be particularly monitored. Be especially mindful also if your dog is elderly or is pregnant or nursing.

• Diabetes: Dehydration is a big concern for the diabetic dog and here’s why:
First, the presence of glucose in the urine causes them to excrete large volumes, and urination is one of the ways that canines can lose water.

However, although appetite may initially increase, eventually, there will be malnutrition, resulting in loss of appetite. Lack of eating is another cause.

Although all breeds can be affected with diabetes, it’s more prevalent in female Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Miniature Schnauzers, Keeshonden, and Poodles. The average age of onset is 6 to 9 years.

• Cancer and other illnesses

Any time a dog isn’t feeling well, appetite and elimination can be affected. Especially if your dog is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments, she’ll feel unwell both from the illness and the treatment.

• Kidney Problems

Kidney disease is marked excessive drinking and increased frequency in urination. The dog’s body is trying to compensate for the lost efficiency in the kidneys by increasing blood flow to the kidneys in an attempt to improve the filtering process. In turn, the dog drinks more—but also urinates more—and water is lost.

While a healthy kidney makes highly concentrated urine, meaning a large amount of toxins can be handled and excreted in a relatively small amount of water, a failing one, by contrast, needs more and more water to excrete the same amount of toxins. A dog in kidney failure will drink increasing quantities of water, until eventually she simply can’t drink enough and toxin levels in her bloodstream begin to rise and she’ll vomit and experience complete loss of appetite.
• Elderly, pregnant, nursing dogs
Any change in life cycle will cause a change in appetite and elimination.

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