Are cats prey?

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While pet owners may not like to think in these terms, there is a food chain in nature and as long as there is a larger animal up the chain, any creature can be prey. Cats, at roughly 10 to 20 pounds are subject to predation from many forms of larger animals, including dogs, owls, coyotes and even others of their own kind like bobcats.

Although many people have the mistaken notion that cats “need” time outside, the incursion of wildlife into suburban areas due to metropolitan sprawl has made this a highly dangerous proposition. Whether the danger be from aggressive dogs, bad people, or wildlife, cats can easily fall victim to tragic circumstances.

This fact has led to the growing popularity of cat enclosures, from freestanding units to attached window perches. While it is a romantic and well-intentioned notion that cats should be indoor / outdoor animals, this approach not only subjects them to exposure to disease and parasites, but it can also lead to their death from larger animals or to severe, life-threatening injuries.

As responsible pet owners, it is imperative that you recognize the vulnerability your cat faces from other, larger animals and take the necessary steps to protect him, which likely means keeping him inside where he is safe and well protected.

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