Are cats predators?

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Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have no interest in fruit or vegetables. They are meat eaters, and as such they are highly evolved predators who target small vermin like mice and rats and birds.

All of a cat’s senses are geared toward detecting and killing these small prey animals. A cat’s eyes are designed primarily to track motion, while his bi-directional ears can use sound to find position, determine size, and calculate distance.

His whiskers are used to track prey up close, with additional tactile hairs positioned on the back of the front and hind legs. The tongue, which is covered in backward-pointing hooked barbs is perfected for feather and fur removal, as well as for stripping meat from bones.

Although not a nocturnal animal, the crepuscular cat sees best at dawn and dusk when he is most active. Even when a cat is sleeping, his ears are scanning the world around him for the slightest sound.

Within the context of his world, the feline is king. Cats have caused birds to go extinct on whole islands, and even their presence will stop birds from breeding. By five weeks of age, cats are full-fledged hunting machines and remain so well into old age.

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