Are all puppies born with blue eyes?

All puppies are born with blue eyes. Puppies can be born with pure blue eyes, or bluish eyes that have flecks of grey, green or brown in them. While some puppies will retain their blue eyes throughout their lifetime, other puppies will experience a change in eye color. Adult dogs can have blue, green, hazel or brown eyes. Some dogs can also have one eye that is one color, and the other eye a differing color. This is common for Huskies.

Around 10 weeks of age, a puppies eyes will start to turn darker. Most puppies’ eyes will turn to brown around this age. However, a few puppies will keep their blue eye color. Retaining the blue eye color is fairly rare among dogs. Because of this, a dog with blue eyes is thought to be more unique than a dog with brown eyes.

Some dog breeds retain the blue eye gene more than others. The blue eye gene is also fairly random, so just because a sire and a dam both have blue eyes, it does not mean that the puppy will have blue eyes.

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