This Amazing Pup Is Doing This To Change And SAVE The Lives Of Many Veterans!

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Joe, a five-year-old black and tan lab, isn’t just any therapy dog, he’s one-of-a-kind! He is a “stress-sniffing” pup in the Department of Defense and is the only dog that does what he does. He is there to lend a helping paw by listening to people’s problems judgment-free. Dogs always make you feel better, and not only is Joe there to make people feel better, but is he also there to save their lives!

According to Navy Lieutenant Commander Tracy Krauss, Joe has identified 47 veterans showing signs of emotional distress. Seven of those people admitted to having a suicide plan, and 33 of them are still being watched closely. The idea is to catch people prior to them getting admitted to a psychiatric floor or attempting suicide. Watch the video below to learn more about Joe and his amazing abilities!

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