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Dog chewing, eating antlerOf all the dog treats and chews out there, every pooch has their favorite. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find the right snack for your dog, especially for the most health-conscious pet parents.

Antler dog chews provide a great solution for doggies who like to chew and dog parents who don’t want to worry about the ingredients of their dog’s treat. Antlers are long-lasting, odor-free, and they boost your canine’s canines. They also aid in kidney function, and make your dog’s coat healthier. Their porous inners contain marrow, which dogs love. Moose antlers last the longest, then deer, and finally elk. Split or center-cut antlers give your dog instant access to the tasty marrow, with elk antlers being the fastest for marrow access. All of the antlers we sell at Doggyloot are naturally shed and made in the USA.

Antlers are very rich in calcium and minerals and don’t contain a single artificial ingredient. They’re literally just antlers. They help promote healthy jaws and gums, while curbing your pet’s chewing urges. If you’ve never tried giving your dog antlers before, this week is a great time to start. We’ve got several great products on offer so that you don’t have to break the bank to get them for your dog.

Great deals on antler chews for your dog on Doggyloot

Check out all our awesome deals on antlers. We’ve selected a few items to show you below, but look at our antler page for a full list of all current deals. Happy shopping!

Deer Antlers dog chews

Two USA Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are an all-natural, long-lasting chew your dog will love. They’re odor-free and will not splinter. Antlers also contain loads of essential minerals. As your dog chews, antlers also help clean your dog’s teeth and gums. Antlers also aid in kidney function, and make your dog’s coat healthier. These are naturally shed USA deer antlers. Choose from two medium antlers (4-5″ long) or two large antlers (6-7″ long). Buy Elk Antlers Elk Antlers

Acadia Moose Antlers

As featured in American Kennel Club Family Dog Magazine, Acadia Antlers is America’s go-to for all-natural, non-splintering, no-mess, no-odor, naturally-shed Maine moose antlers. They’re made in the U.S.A., so they’re safe and healthy for your best friend. Each antler naturally varies greatly in size. With this deal, you’ll receive one small, medium, or large Moose Antler. Buy Acadia Moose Antlers

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