Anthony Hopkins Played The Piano For His ‘Demanding’ Cat During Preventative Quarantine

Being stuck indoors because of the current outbreak of the coronavirus is affecting all of us – even celebrities! But being home with not much to do isn’t so bad if you’ve got a furry friend with you, and Anthony Hopkins demonstrated this with his cat, Niblo.

The 82-year-old actor shared a video of himself preoccupying himself in his self-isolation by playing the piano for Niblo. It is a sweet clip to watch, as Hopkins occasionally looks up from the piano in order to smile at Niblo who looks like he’s enjoying his private concert.

Hopkins wrote in the post, “Niblo is making sure I stay healthy and demands I entertain him in exchange… cats.”

Hopkins is well-known to often feature his furry buddy Niblo in posts. In fact, in a good-morning video a while back, Hopkins referred to Niblo as his “pal.”

He was heard saying in the video, “This is my pal Niblo, saying good morning to everyone — oh, he got bored!”

After Niblo scampered off-camera, Hopkins laughed at his cat and added, “Niblo wishes everyone a lovely day…”

Hopkins is well-known for having made his living as an actor, however, he’s also got other hidden talents such as painting and playing the piano. Back in August, the actor shared a clip of himself playing the piano for his fans. Of course, Niblo was on his lap and the actor captioned the post as, “The pleasures of my life: a cat, a piano, a book, and a cup of tea.”

As the actor shared about his life with Interview magazine in December, “I was driving around Venice the other day, and I thought, ‘It’s all a dream. What a struggle it all is. It’s all an illusion, but it’s the glory of life, the sheer glory of looking for it in everything.’ And I’ve become aware of that now, more than ever. It’s in there. It’s in my cat, it’s in my dog, it’s in you. How could it be otherwise?”

He added, “I watch my cat jumping to a little pinch on the fireplace. Now, he can’t write a book, he doesn’t know anything about philosophy or mathematics. But how the hell does he do that? That is totally awe-inspiring.”

No doubt these two are enjoying each other’s company amid the pandemic.

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