A Small Animal Shelter Is Capitalizing On The Pokemon Go Trend In The Most Clever Way!

Pokemon Go is everywhere. It has taken over millions of people’s phones around the world and it seems everywhere you go, you find groups of people glued to their devices in hopes of finding one of the digital creatures. Several businesses and restaurants have realized the potential for marketing with the trendy game and began specials for players. For example, the Dallas pizza place offers Pokemon Go players free food based on their level in the game. However, some organizations are looking for ways to use the hype to benefit a good cause. One small town’s animal shelter discovered a way to raise awareness for their animals by offering Pokemon Go players a unique opportunity.

The Muncie Animal Shelter in Indiana posted an advertisement on Facebook asking players to come by and walk some of their dogs while playing the game. The post quickly went viral and so many people responded to the ad that they had to turn people away. Besides having plenty of volunteers to walk and play with the animals, the shelter also credits the ad to a surge in adoptions.

Hate it or love it, there is no denying that Pokemon Go is getting people out of the house, into their communities and even helping those in need.

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