Meet The Hero That Helps Animals Of All Species Walk Again

It is heartbreaking to see an animal unable to walk or move freely. Whatever the reason, all we wish is that there was something we could do to help. Well – thanks to an innovative man there is now a solution that will allow all animals to walk.

Derrick Campana is saving and improving the lives of animals, thanks to his company Animal Ortho Care. He started this business after he built his first bionic leg brace for an animal. The feeling of satisfaction and the pure joy started the ball rolling on what is now a successful business that has helped countless animals.

Campana customizes each prosthetic or brace to that animal and their diagnosis. He takes into consideration the way the animal walks, if the condition will worsen, and if the animal will try to remove it, when he is designing the custom piece. His process includes making a cast of the leg, and then using that cast to make a brace that fits like a glove. His custom designed brace is crafted in his lab to work like a normal limb. The brace is waterproof and guaranteed to fit for long term support.

Animal Ortho Care’s goal is, “to provide the highest quality Orthotics, prosthetics, and pain management devices to assist your pet in regaining his/her quality of life. These devices are used to either correct or accommodate your pet’s affected limb(s) that have been disabled through trauma, illness or old age.”

Campana has helped countless dogs and cats, but he is open to all species. People have reached out to him to build a brace for goats, horses, cows, camel, and elephants to name a few. Some animals would have to be put down if they could not walk. However, the custom devices have saved their lives. Pet owners praise Campana for his life-saving work that has allowed their fur children to enjoy life again.


One animal saved was an elephant named Jabu in Botswana. This project was a bit of a challenge since elephants are so large and travel over many different terrains. Dodo Hero covered the story and transformation. Campana had to factor in the elephant’s size and terrain when building the brace. A mold was constructed by the caretakers and sent to Campana. He designed the brace and flew to deliver it in person.

Seeing animals moving freely again is what makes it all worth it. He states,”You know, giving life, and mobility, and having their family member walk again and watching the tears of joy of these caretakers, it’s just amazing and it’s so addictive.”

He is a true hero. Watch the complete video below.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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